NatGeo’s Wild Life – Review

Kirsty and I finally got the chance to watch ‘Wild Life’ on Disney+ last night which explores the incredible story and legacy of Kristine McDivitt Tompkins and Douglas Tompkins. Made by the same team as the jaw-dropping ‘Free Solo’ (2018), it is a powerful portrait of these two passionate entrepreneurs turned conservationists and explores their efforts to protect some of the last truly wild places on Earth. 

The documentary is a triumph of storytelling and cinematography but at its core echoes the conflict that is at the heart of the climate catastrophe we are facing today, the struggle between capitalism and our fragile planet. The entire initiative to create these national parks started when Tompkins sold his stake in Esprit for an estimated $125 million and resolved to, as he puts it, “stop selling people things they don’t need.” Tompkins saw the damage his actions as a business person were causing and changed course. Ultimately, they have protected more land than any other private individuals in history.

For us ‘Wild Life’ was a glimpse of Patagonia before we visit later this year and I strongly recommend this film to anyone interested in the environment, travel, or conservation. It is a beautifully made documentary that is a testament to what two motivated individuals (with 125 million dollars) can achieve.

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