The Big Adventure

Remember, remember the 5th of November! This really will be a date that the Spencers will never forget. On the 5th of November, 2023, we said goodbye to our family and friends, finished packing our lives away and hopped on a plane to embark on an 18-month adventure around the world.

Together with our children Georgia and Eva, we have set out to visit new countries, experience different cultures, taste new cuisines and educate our girls using our amazing world.

As hard as the Covid lockdown was, it did have a silver lining. It showed us that educating the girls ourselves was something that we could do. It was hard to juggle a thousand things while desperately Googling “what is an adverb”, but it was also rewarding. After COVID-19, we were confident that we could continue building on the girl’s education while travelling, which removed a major roadblock for us. This coupled with our adventurous and inquisitive minds, led us on the journey we are now on.

The rough outline of our trip involves spending 5 months in South America, with about 6 weeks of this being in Patagonia), followed by a short stint in Australia to catch up with family. We land in New Zealand on Georgia’s 10th birthday, where we will spend a month before heading up to the South Pacific. After a couple of stops on some stunning tropical islands, we will head up to Southeast Asia, where we plan to spend another 5 months retracing some of our favourite areas that we discovered pre-children and exploring some new countries.

This will bring us to the 12-month point of our trip and where our rough plans run out. Nepal and India appeal, as does South Africa, but we are set on a trip to Madagascar for Kirsty’s 40th and our friend’s 50th in April 2025. This will be one of our last stops before heading back home to the beautiful, if wet, England!
With such a love for wildlife and nature, we will be heading towards some of the world’s most verdant and most beautiful areas on the hunt for some incredible encounters. A few of the areas that we want to visit are Patagonia, the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon Rain Forest, The Great Barrier Reef and Borneo.

We are also lucky that many of our friends and family plan to join us along the way. We miss them all so much, and while Facebook and WhatsApp keep us in touch, it is not quite the same as seeing them in person. As an added bonus, we can share a slice of our adventures with them!

As we travel, we promise to share as much as possible with you. We will also be as honest as possible; we are not looking to present some airbrushed, Instagram-filtered view of our trip. Frankly, that sounds exhausting!

So watch this space for our updates, and thank you for visiting!

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