Which Side of Iguazu Falls is Better With Kids? New for 2024

If you are making the journey to experience the incredible natural wonder of Iguazu Falls with your family, you are sure to have an exciting adventure you will all remember. The question remains, however, which side of this natural wonder is more family-friendly? Iguazu Falls is unusual because there are two different ways to experience it, either from Brazil or Argentina. So, which side of Iguazu Falls is better with kids?

We spent four days on each side of the falls with our daughters Georgia and Eva and have experienced most of what they have to offer. From the thundering cascades to the lush subtropical rainforest surroundings, we’ll navigate through the experiences, sharing insights to help you decide which side caters best to your little explorers.

The Argentine side of Iguazu Falls after heavy rain.
Raw majesty. Near Eva Falls on the Argentine Side.

Which Side Of Iguazu Falls Should We Visit With Kids in 2024?

Easy – both!

Each side of the falls has a tremendous amount to offer, and you will not regret taking the time to experience them both with your family.

At the time of writing, the Argentinian side of the falls had seen a lot of damage from record-breaking rainfalls leading to flooding. Approximately 60% of the trails are closed until at least summer 2024.

There is still plenty to see of the falls, even with the closed trails, so it is worth visiting. However, the park authorities don’t seem too keen to advertise that a large part of the park is shut, and we don’t want you to be disappointed.

The Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls after heavy rain.
The view near the Devil’s Throat on the Brazilian Side.

Which Side Of The Falls Is Better For Visiting With Kids?

Having spent four days on each side of the border and explored the parks thoroughly, the honest answer is… it depends.

Personally, we found the Argentine Falls to be a more enjoyable family experience than the Brazilian Falls. This is not to say the Brazilian side is not amazing. The views are spectacular, possibly even better than the Argentine side. It is well-run, and there are plenty of places to grab a drink or freshen up. However, the Brazilian side feels a bit like a conveyor belt. You get swept from place to place on a pre-determined path without the freedom to explore.

The Argentine side offers much more to see in your own time and in your own way. With three main paths, each taking you to different parts of the falls, you can move at your own pace and take in the grandeur. As expected for such a world-class attraction, there are still plenty of places to grab a drink or enjoy a picnic.

In short, our second visit to the Brazilian side was just about the same as the first. Our second visit to the Argentine side took us on a totally different journey around the park.

Georgia and Eva take in the Falls
Georgia and Eva soak it all in.

Which Town Is Better For Kids, Foz Do Iguazu or Puerto Iguazu?

Here, at least, the answer is clear-cut. There is much more to do in Foz Du Iguazu than there is to do in Puerto Iguazu, even if Foz is slightly soulless. The two towns can be summed up like this: Foz Du Iguazu has a McDonalds. Puerto Iguazu does not.

Foz Do Iguazu feels like a mini-Orlando. It has clearly had a lot of investment, and there is much for kids to do beyond visiting the amazing falls, including water parks, bird sanctuaries, and motor museums. It has incredible luxury hotels, budget accommodations, and outstanding eating places. What it lacks is charm or character.

Puerto Iguazu is a genuine slice of Argentine life. Certainly, the town is well-equipped for tourists, and it has not lost its personality along the way. There are some good restaurants and hotels; however, it is not as well developed as Foz, and there is very little to do beyond visiting the falls.

If you are looking for somewhere to spend a week with your family in comfort and with lots of distractions, then Foz Do Iguazu is the place to stay. However, if your trip is as much about experiencing local life and culture as it is about the place, consider Puerto Iguazu.

We go into much more detail on visiting both sides of Iguazu Falls in our articles here: Iguazu Falls Argentina With Kids and Discover Iguazu Falls Brazil with Kids. Check them out if you are planning to visit this incredible place.

If you are anything like us you will be taking lots of photos and videos of your little ones while you are away; we explore the best ways to keep them safe here:

Safeguarding Precious Memories – Securely Backing Up Photos and Videos While Travelling with Kids.

The Devil's Throat From Helicopter

How Easy Is It To Cross The Border Between Brazil and Argentina?

It’s not as easy as you would expect.

We go into much more detail in our full articles linked above, but in short, the crossing can be arduous. Ideally, you want to cross mid-afternoon in a private taxi.

So What Would Be The Perfect Trip To Visit Iguacu Falls With Kids?

If we were to return to the falls knowing what we know now, we would stay on the Brazilian side for 5 days and cross over to see the Argentine side at least once, but ideally twice.

Foz De Iguacu has so much to offer families beyond the falls that despite feeling a little charmless, it is full of engaging and enjoyable excursions that are sure to be a treat for you all.

We hope you have found this guide useful. Do check out our full articles on Foz De Iguazu and Puerto Iguazu if you are planning on visiting.

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